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History of Shady Grove Farm

The Farm Name

When John Wesley Curry (Spring Hill, Virginia) returned from World War II, he married Icy Norene Obaugh (Mount Solon, Virginia) and the couple moved to Washington D. C. where John found employment as a streetcar driver running the Shady Grove route into Maryland.  After about two years they moved back to their roots in the Shenandoah Valley and purchased a small farm near Parnassus.  Icy maintained the farm and John continued to commute to Washington D. C. for the next 35 years only returning to the farm on weekends. 


Their son Charles Wesley was one year old when they moved back home.  When Charles was six years they sold the Parnassus farm and purchased a portion of the current farm and named it Shady Grove Farm after the street car route.

First Registered Aberdeen Angus Cattle


Charles was active in 4-H and FFA activities and purchased his first registered Angus show heifer from G. Dayton Hodges at Arbor Hill Farm in 1955 when he was nine years old.  He continued to purchase show heifers form Fred and Jimmy Carter, Pete Myers, Glen Yount and others breeders and established a small registered herd of about 15 cows by the time he graduated from high school and enrolled in the Agricultural Education program at Virginia Tech.

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