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SLA BG Elector 5ET3 R R 707-"JR"

The “707” legacy continues at Shady Grove Farm through the use of “Junior” an own son of the legendary R R Rito 707.  His prototype is identical to his sire and his offspring breed as true as any bull that we have ever used.  Bred by Walter Shealy, III and out of the powerful donor dam Sinclair Lady 5ET3 4465.  She is easy fleshing, deep ribbed, well muscled, and an extremely long cow.  She has a beautiful udder and feminine head.  The maternal grand dam is the feed efficiency matriarch Ideal 4465 of 6807 4286 bred by Martin Jorgensen.  The “4465” cow can be found in several of the SGF herd bulls because the practice of linebreeding is integral to the SGF program and linebreeding to the best feed efficiency cow in the breed is what we mean when we use the slogan “Superior Genetic Focus”.


Since 1972 Rito genetics have been used in our breeding program.  The current cow herd has Rito genetics from two Rito Intensifier 8155 sons, a double bred 707 son, and a Sinclair Rito Legacy 3R9 son.  “Junior” is producing many excellent sons that are is demand by feeder calf producers in the Shenandoah Valley and neighboring states and his daughters provide a excellent stream of linebred Rito cows to maintain our herd.


Moderate size, long bodies, thick deep quarters, exceptional growth, straight lines, and correct feet and legs are dominate “Junior” traits.


SLA BG Elector 5ET3 R R 707 is jointly owned with Walter Shealy, III at Black Grove in Newberry South Carolina.

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RR Rito 707 – JR’s Sire

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