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Momma Maker

BC 707 1M F0203 – Mama Maker’s Sire

Probably the best female sire of all time is PBC 707 1M F0203, commonly known as “F0203” the sire of our “Mama Maker” bull.  Out of a “707” son and a “707” daughter, this linebred bull is a 100% calving ease bull.  His calves all weigh between 60 and 70 pounds.  His daughters are powerful, deep, high volume females that are moderate in size and excellent mothers.  Notice the feed efficiency matriarch, Ideal 4465 of 6807 4286 in this bull’s pedigree.


Sinclair Pioneer 0RF3 is jointly owned with Duncan Smith and Sinclair Cattle Company, Inc. in Frederick, Maryland.

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