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R R Rito 707

“The Great One”

Born on February 05, 1967, R R Rito 707 is arguably the greatest Angus bull ever produced.  Today the National Angus Sire Evaluation Summary is clearly dominated by his descendents.  He is the progenitor of more than one third of the top sires in the Angus sire summary.  While “707” was not built to be a popular bull as defined by the “modern styles” of the large frame movement of past decades, his prototype and genetic traits are ideal for the current prevailing trend to practical cattle, maternal efficiency, depth of body, volume, thickness, muscle expression, body length, growth, and  performance competiveness.  Seedstock producers around the country are using high percentages of Rito cattle to recoup these most important traits for today’s beef cattle industry.


R R Rito 707, as is name implies was bred by the greatest Angus breeder of all time, Dale Davis and was born at his Rolling Rock operation in Belgrade, Montana.  He was used widely by Martin Jorgensen, who made performance cattle a brand name in the Angus breed.  “707” weaned with a ratio of 124 against 51 contemporaries and had a test gain ratio of 129 at the Performance Indexing Center in Stanford, Montana, the most respected bull test of that time and attracted lots of attention.


Pioneer Cattle Company used “707” in a concentrated linebreeding program and produced many elite cows that had “707” in their pedigree as the one and only grandsire thus proving that Rito cattle and stand extensive linebreeding and therefore are a rare genetic tool for beef cattle improvement.

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